About Me

Dear visitor, thank you for reading my blog. I hope you learned something new today – if you are curious who is behind this website here is a short summary of the career and private life of a data science professional

I’m Jakub Cieslik a Data Scientist living and working in Berlin. I hold a Masters degree in Biomedical Signal Processing from the Technical University of Wroclaw (Poland).
I work for New Yorker GmbH (not to be mistaken with the famous US Magazine)
Previously I worked for Crosslend GmbH which is an online debt marketplace and a loan securitization platform.
I also worked for Medlanes GmbH which is one of the very few start-ups in the healthcare sector in Berlin.

As you can see, that\’s quite a big span of different sectors. But I think this also reflects how I think about data science. I believe in the variety of skills and transferring knowledge between domains.

Besides coding and data science, I also enjoy good techno and red wine. Both of wich happens to be a great accompaniment to perform the former.